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How can I track my furniture?
Call us at our toll-free number. Uur customer service will issue your tracking number as soon as it becomes available. This information is usually available within 24 hours of your purchase. However, some orders may take up to 3-5 business days to process and the tracking number will become available at the time of shipment.

What is leather match or leather/vinyl? "Leather Match" is a term used in the furniture industry to describe a combination of leather and vinyl. Typically, the leather will cover all contact surfaces including the back rests, seat cushions, foot rests, and arm rests. The matching vinyl is typically located on the outside back and outside arm panels. We feel leather vinyl combinations are a practical and efficient solution to gain durable high quality seating. The leather covers all surfaces that endures stress to avoid cracking and peeling of the upholstery. 

Can I get a leather sample?In most cases, leather samples are available. We will gladly mail you leather and fabric samples for Berkline Home Theater Seating free of charge. However, most of our other manufacturers do not provide us with this luxury due to the limited fabric and color samples.

What type of Warranty is included with my purchase?Different manufacturers offer different warranties. Please refer to the product page or consult your sales associate for further details. Also, be sure to reference the warranty information that has been included in the packaging for your product.

What is a Buttkicker?A Buttkicker is the best "bang for the buck" solution in the tactile transducer market today! Please do not mistake the genuine Buttkicker for cheaper products advertised as "bass shakers" which pale in comparison to the power and effectiveness of the Buttkicker.

A ButtKicker's job is to implement a "physical" sensation to your home theater experience. The Buttkicker can be installed in any sofa, chair, or like product but can be factory installed in any line of our Berkline Home Theater Seating. The Buttkicker utilizes a piston to create its Low Frequency Effects (LFE.) The ButtKicker is often referred to as a "silent sub woofer," in that it can easily replace a sub woofer and omit the often overwhelming audible frequencies. The ButtKicker also works great to complement sub woofers. For more information, please visit

Is there any assembly required?At we feel that "RTA" (Ready-to-Assemble) furnishings are not ideal for online sales. As with all types of RTA furnishings there is a quality factor that we, here, at does not meet our standard of quality.

This is not to say that all of our products will arrive at your doorstep fully assembled and ready for immediate use. For instance, you may encounter minor assembly such as attaching drawer handles to drawer faces or feet to your sofa. Also, it is common with all of our Home Theater Seating that the backs are shipped detached from the seat base. This does not require tools to assemble. The back is simply attached by sliding over the rear of the base until it locks into place. For further details, please refer to the instructions included in your packaging or consult your sales associate.

*Note: If white glove delivery is your chosen method of shipment, all assembly is included during set-up.

Do you offer financing?At this time, we do not offer financing but thanks for asking!

What is a "Power Recline" chair?Power Recline is a feature found in much of our Home Theater Seating. As opposed to your basic spring-loaded mechanism, the Power Recline mechanism employs a linear actuator that is run by electric motor that plugs directly into your electrical outlet. This feature will allow for an infinite number of recline positions, making it much easier to find that "honey spot."

What is "White Glove" Delivery?White Glove delivery is a shipping method reserved for customers who need assistance with the set-up of their furniture. This service includes: Placement within your home, Two Flights of Stairs, Unpacking, Debris Removal, Set-up/Assembly Limited to Fifteen Minutes.

What is "Curbside" Delivery?Curbside Delivery is the most efficient method of delivery due to it's low cost and speedy transit time. All curbside shipments are made by appointment with the carrier. Please make sure that your home is accessible by a tractor trailer. All shipments are fully insured.

My furniture is damaged! What do I do now?First, and foremost,  DON'T PANIC! All shipments are insured so you have no worries! We will replace/repair all damaged products as necessary. Please call to explain your situation. Please have all your information ready as well as photos, if available, necessary to rectify your damage.

How can I protect my leather or microfiber?
We recommend in all cases you use some treatment to maximize the stain-resistant properties of your upholstery. We offer Leather and Microfiber Care Kits as well as extended warranties for these materials. Consult your sales associate for more information.